Summary: Move beyond "poor self-esteem" and condemnation. Discover God's love and purpose for your life. Christian book with Bible-based advice.
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Who Do You Think You Are?
(Discover Who You are in Christ)

Bible-based book with advice for individuals, couples,
small groups, cell groups and adult Sunday school classes

Do you struggle with a negative self-image—even though you try to think positively or build up your "self-esteem"?

Do you think you are a failure, live a life of regrets, or feel inferior to others?

Do you wonder what your purpose is—or sometimes think your life doesn't matter?

Have you learned the world’'s solutions don't work, that your efforts to build "self-esteem" through physical attractiveness, possessions, popularity, power, accomplishments, or knowledge are inadequate?

Learn how—and how not—to look at yourself through God’'s eyes. In this life-transforming book, discover what it means to be God’'s child and to know his love, forgiveness, grace, and purpose.

     •  Escape the world’'s false solutions to a negative "self-esteem."

     •  Find freedom from guilt, condemnation, and regrets.

     •  Grasp the wonder of who you are in Christ.

     •  Discover God’'s purpose for your life.

God doesn't want you to go through life hanging your head because of your failures. He also doesn't want you to go to the other extreme and be prideful. Instead, he wants you to be excited because you are his child. He loves you and has plans for you.

This book is designed for individual or group study. It can be studied by individuals, cell groups, and marriage classes.

It is perfect for a small group or church class study. Chapters and discussion questions are designed for either a twelve-week or six-week study.

A small group leader's guide is included at the end of the book. It includes instructions on how to lead a group, as well as week-by-week discussion questions, so you don't need a buy a separate leader's guide.

Each chapter is interactive, with personal application questions scattered throughout to help you put its biblical advice into practice. You don't need to buy a separate workbook. "Who Do You Think You Are" is comprehensive and detailed, yet easy to use and practical.

Testimonials for "Who Do You Think You Are"
"I really like this book because it takes everything back to the Word of God and how He views us. What better perspective of yourself than that of the heavenly father? When we get out of balance and look to other sources for our confidence, we are thrown into an arena that's dangerous for us."

— Cheryl D. Bangs, Lead Associate Pastor
    Bayside Church, Citrus Heights, California

"In Romans 12:3 the Apostle Paul challenges us to not think more of ourselves than we ought to, but to think of ourselves with sober judgment. In 'Who Do You Think You Are,' Doug Britton does just that. This is an excellent resource for individuals and small groups that helps us to truly see ourselves as God sees us. I highly recommend it!

— Tom Tunnicliff, Ed.D., Chair, Board of Trustees
    Western Seminary, Portland, Oregon

"This book really showed me how valuable I am to God and that I am completely accepted by Him. It gave me Scriptures and tools to stand against the lies I have believed throughout my life."

— Student, Teen Challenge (Name withheld for privacy)

(By Doug Britton, MFT. LifeTree Books. Paperback: 5½ x 8½. Wire "spiral" binding. 253 pages. $12.99)

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