Summary: Christian, Bible-based books & free online Bible studies with information, instruction, help & advice. Cross-cultural help and advice on
money, family (marriage and parenting), anger and jealousy. Also self-help for anxiety, self worth, temptation and depression. Small group Bible study.
Image: Christian books and Bible studies on marriage and parenting, anger, temptation and depression
Image: Books and free online Bible studies for families, communication and self-esteem, finances and jealousy
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Strengthen and Refresh Your Marriage!
Christian marriage help: advice from Bible-based books
Practical, cross-cultural biblical books with personal application questions will transform your marriage. Read one or more of these powerful self-help books. For individual or group study.
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Books on anger, temptation, and more

Growing in Christ discipleship book - Getting Started, Getting Connected Victory over Grumpiness, Irritation & Anger
Enjoy a loving, life-giving lifestyle

Defeating Temptation:
Biblical secrets to self-control

Overcoming Jealousy and Insecurity:
Biblical steps to living without jealousy or fear

Getting Started, Getting Connected:
Taking new steps in your walk with Jesus

Christian Bible-based parenting book on nurturing, communicating, loving and disciplining Parenting Foundations:
Nurturing with insight and disciplining in love

Conquering Depression:
A journey out of darkness into God's light

Who Do You Think You Are?
Understanding who you are in Christ

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Free online Bible studies
and other resources

 •  Anger, irritation, and jealousy
 •  Anxiety, fear, and worry
 •  Christianity, church, and God's love
 •  Counseling, mentoring, and helping others
 •  Culture and society
 •  Depression and discouragement
 •  Marriage (communication, sex and more)
 •  Money and God
 •  Parenting children and teenagers
 •  Personal growth and development
 •  Self-concept, self-worth and self-esteem
 •  Small groups & home fellowship groups
 •  Temptation and overcoming sin

Set up and lead a marriage
ministry, small group or class

Something wonderful happens when people get together to study what God says. Learn how to start and run a classroom or small group ministry using "Marriage by the Book."
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Testimonials — Books

"We have had Doug Britton to Bayside many times . . . He is biblical, practical, and his books are easy to use."   Continued
— Ray Johnston, Sr. Pastor, Bayside Church

"Doug's books have been used in an incredible way in our church. Plus, they have made a big difference in my own marriage, family life and personal walk. I use them in teaching and preaching ... They provide practical, reader-friendly tools."   Continued
— Rick Cole, Pastor, Capital Christian Center


What's new at Doug Britton Books

We often add new Bible studies, books and more to this website, some of which you may miss since they can appear anywhere on the site. Check back here every week or two to see the latest.

Discipleship book for new believers — updated and expanded

Getting Started, Getting Connected — Practical, easy-to-read book for new believers with personal application questions throughout its pages. Ideal for discipleship classes, mentoring new believers, and personal study. Includes small group study guide at back of book.

Our latest online Bible studies

   Who is God — Part one: Understanding God's nature — God is much more than a spiritual force, higher power, or inner light. This Bible study answers common questions people ask about the nature of God.

   Who is God — Part two: Understanding God's power  — God is powerful. He created the heavens and earth, and he created you.

   Who is God — Part three: Understanding God's love and holiness  — God is not impersonal. He loves you. (God showed us his love by making the supreme sacrifice.) He also is holy and judges sin.

   Who is God — Part four: Understanding God by looking at Jesus  — One of the best ways to understand God is to look at Jesus, since Jesus is in nature God himself.

Recent online Bible studies

Stop, Think, Pray when you are tempted or angry — Practical Bible-based steps to overcome sin and temptation. Revised and expanded May 2015.

Step-by-step small group and cell group meeting plan — Seven Steps for Christ-Centered Small Group Meetings

Is Jesus God? — Online Bible study on the divinity of Jesus

Conflict resolution - Bible-based solutions — Practical steps to resolve any type of conflict.

Bring your Bible study alive with good questions — These questions will get people in small groups thinking -- and talking -- about what the Bible says.

Guard Your Heart When Helping Others — Be a wise pastor, counselor, small group leader or friend

The Power in Humility — Understanding the meaning of humility in the Bible

The Golden Compass — Understanding and responding to Philip Pullman's well-written attack on Christianity

Did Jesus say to love myself before loving others? — The Bible does not say you should love yourself before loving others.

Legal liability issues in mentoring — Steps to minimize the risk of charges of negligence and the possibility of lawsuits

Resist sin by truly loving others — A study on true love

Anger at God — Is it a sin to be angry with God?

Guard your thought life — The road to sin starts in your mind. Get off the road before you travel too far.

Consider the consequences of sinning ... and not sinning. — Understanding the results of sin versus the results of holiness can help motivate you to make wise choices.

Is this the end? The Mayan calendar stops December 12, 2012 (or December 21, 2012). —  It's not going to mean the end of the world ... or anything else!

Be a generous person. — Demonstrate generosity to your church, the poor, and the needy.

Acknowledge that God owns everything. — Understanding God's ownership changes how we look at money and possessions.

See yourself as God's steward (or assistant). — Take good care of God's possessions and money.

Do not take things personally. — Escape the trap of hurt feelings.

Are all religions the same (or basically the same), equal, true or "one"?
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Marriage by the Book: 8 Christian, Bible-based marriage "self-help" books

These cross cultural books are great for both individual and group study. Click on the books' titles to read more about them.
Laying a Solid Foundation. When you learn and apply God’s foundational truths, you will begin to experience the joyful marriage and family God intends. Discover what it means to be "one flesh." See how to apologize without making things worse. And learn how to focus on changes you should make instead of focusing on your spouse’s faults. Click here to learn foundational marriage truths.

Making Christ the Cornerstone. The Bible says, "Unless the Lord builds the house, its builders labor in vain" (Psalm 127:1). This book gives practical guidelines about how to do this. As you follow these guidelines, you will center your marriage in Christ and enjoy his blessings. This book provides encouragement and help even if your spouse is not a believer or is unwilling to follow God’s instructions in the Bible. Click here to center your marriage in the Lord.

Encouraging Your Spouse Transform your marriage and family as you discover six key ways to encourage and build up your husband or wife. Learn how to serve wisely, express love, show appreciation, demonstrate respect and prize your spouse above all others. Click here to encourage and build up your mate.

Extending Grace to Your Mate. Learn how to respond wisely to your spouse’s faults, graciously deal with disappointments, and appreciate ways your mate does things differently than you do. Also discover how to conquer your anger and overcome jealousy and insecurity. Click here to see how to extend grace to your spouse.

Talking with Respect and Love. Couples often complain about their communication patterns. Either someone talks too much or too little. There are too many arguments, or there is never enough time to talk. Listening is a lost art. By following the biblical guidelines in this book, you will have conversations that are intimate and satisfying. And you will resolve conflicts as friends, not opponents. Click here for great communication in marriage.

Improving Your Teamwork. Discover the Bible's beautiful picture of how a husband and wife can function as a team. Learn how to be a servant-leader. Plus, learn what "submission" means ... and what it doesn't mean. Learn how to make better decisions as a team than either of you could make alone. See how you can be like a couple competing for the Olympic gold medal in ice-skating: Create a partnership that brings beauty to your marriage—and inspiration to the world. Click here to enjoy teamwork and proper roles in marriage.

Putting Money in its Place. Handling money is tricky. That's why there are so many verses about it in the Bible. As you discover and practice biblical principles and guidelines about finances, your attitudes about money and finances will change. And you will find yourselves living in harmony, free from debt. This practical book includes easy-to-use charts and budgeting forms that will help you get your finances under control. Click here for godly financial truths in marriage.

Celebrating Intimacy and Romance. Escape the world’s corrupting influences and experience a close friendship, as well as a pure, romantic and exhilarating sexual relationship. Learn how—and how not—to approach your mate for romance, and how to get the most out of your intimate times together. Also learn how to escape the pain and confusion that often comes from past experiences of sexual abuse or rape. Click here to enjoy great romance, friendship and sex in marriage.

Group Leaders' Guide for Marriage by the Book. Learn, step-by-step, how to: (1) Start an adult Sunday school class or small group ministry using "Marriage by the Book." (2) Oversee the ministry. (3) Lead small groups and get meaningful discussions going. (4) Deal with problems such as angry attacks, people getting off the topic or long-winded speakers. Click here to learn how to start and lead a small group.
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More "self-help" books: Biblical information and advice for daily living

Each of these Christian, Bible-based books provides information, instruction, help and advice for daily living. The advice is both cross-cultural and scriptural, and is appropriate for individual study as well as group study.

These cross cultural books are great for both individual and group study. Click on each book's title to read more about it as well as ordering instructions.
Conquering Depression: A Journey Out of Darkness Into God's Light. Do you feel "low" or mildly depressed much of the time? Or do you feel as if you are trapped in the bottom of a deep pit and think there is no way out? The numerous practical, biblical guidelines in this book will help you enjoy the joy and peace that Jesus promises. Click here to conquer depression and discouragement.

Defeating Temptation: Biblical Secrets to Self-Control. Whether your temptations are "minor" or life dominating, one thing is certain: You have them. These practical, biblical tools will help you become increasingly self-controlled and overcome the major sins in your life. Discover the joy and freedom that come from defeating temptation. Click here to defeat temptation and sin.

Getting Started: Taking New Steps in My Walk with Jesus. Learn practical biblical steps to take as you begin your journey with Jesus. See how to overcome doubts, be baptized, study the Bible, pray, share your faith and join a small group in your church. (Books can be customized for church orders of 100+ books.) Click here to take new steps in your Christian life.

Healing Life's Hurts: God's Solutions When Others Wound You. Many of us feel wounded by others. This can happen in church, with friends, and with family. Sometimes we take things wrong. Other times, people genuinely try to hurt us. Learn how to overcome hurt feelings and resentment—and how to have a victorious attitude whatever the circumstances. Click here to overcome hurt feelings and self-pity.

Overcoming Jealousy and Insecurity: Biblical Steps to Living without Fear. If you have trouble with jealousy and insecurity, you know these emotions can seem overwhelming. If you are married to a jealous or insecure person, you know the pain of these emotions from the other side. Regardless of your situation, this little book will help you discover freedom in Christ. Click here for victory over jealousy and insecurity.

Who Do You Think You Are? Do you sometimes feel like a failure or inferior to others? And have you found that trying to build up your "self-esteem" doesn't help in a deep way? Discover what it means to be God’s child and to know his love, forgiveness and grace—and his purpose for your life. Click here for an accurate Christian self-image and self-concept (or "self-worth").

Parenting Foundations: Nurturing with Insight and Disciplining in Love. Learn biblical guidelines for successful families. Discover tools to create a nurturing home, exercise authority effectively, overcome sibling rivalry, encourage responsibility, and develop children’s talents and intellect. Also learn how to guide children through the teenage years and prepare them for marriage and sex. Click here for effective, practical Christian parenting skills.

Victory Over Grumpiness, Irritation and Anger. If you have a problem with grumpiness, irritation or anger, you know how destructive these emotions can be, yet you may feel powerless to do anything about them. This book will help you learn biblical anger management tools and develop self-control. But it also will go deeper, helping you change inside as you grow in wisdom, grow in love, and learn how to live peaceably regardless of the circumstances in your family, job or elsewhere. Click here for victory over anger, irritation and grumpiness.
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Examples of free online family and daily-living Bible studies

Read and print free online Bible studies for advice on the family, marriage, sex, communication, money, anger, depression, self-concept and more topics. (Check our resources page to link to all our online Bible studies.)

This scriptural information is ideal for personal use, group study, and adult Christian education classes (adult Sunday school).

The following are examples of some of our many free online printable Bible studies.
Abortion – What God Says in the Bible about Abortion

Antidotes to Anger: How to Avoid (or Prevent) Destructive Anger

Bible Truths to Conquer the Fear of Death and Dying

Burned By Church? How to deal with disappointment with church leaders and others (Part 1)

Burned By Church? How to deal with disappointment with church leaders and others (Part 2)

Counterfeit Freedom (Freedom from God is Counterfeit Freedom)

Encouraging words: The power of encouraging others with words of encouragement

Focus on Changes YOU Should Make

"God's Love for Me": A personal Bible study on God's love for us

Identify When You Get Angry

Love Your Enemies

Respect Others—Even When Other People Don't Deserve Respect

Small groups: Guidelines to evaluate your small group (cell group) leadership

Spanking children and corporal punishment: Bible-based guidelines for parents

What God Says about Anger in the Bible
Click here for more free printable online Bible studies.

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